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Reception signs are more than just decorations; they are your company’s introduction to the world. At SplashOut, we understand the significance of a strong first impression. Our professional reception signs not only showcase your brand but also enhance the overall experience for your clients.

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Reception signs from SplashOut: the perfect introduction to your brand. As the initial point of contact between your company and potential clients, reception signs are paramount to making a memorable first impression.

Our experts at SplashOut understand the significance of capturing your brand’s essence. Whether you seek a bold creative statement or a polished, professional appearance, we have the expertise to craft the ideal solution for your reception area.

At SplashOut, we are your go-to destination for all your signage needs. Our expertise in signage encompasses a wide range of solutions, including reception signage that leaves a lasting impression.

Whether you’re looking for a custom reception sign for your office or elegant wedding reception signs to make your big day even more special, SplashOut has you covered.

Our reception signs are designed with a focus on clean, eye-catching designs that captivate your audience from the moment they walk in. We understand the importance of making a lasting impression, and our reception signage services are tailored to achieve just that.

Why Choose us for Your Reception Signs?

  • Customized Solutions: We design and manufacture reception signs tailored to your brand’s identity, colors, and fonts.
  • Material Variety: Our reception signs are crafted from premium materials including acrylic, stainless steel, brass, copper, and vinyl.
  • Illumination Options: Enhance visibility with LED trough lights and LED light sheets integrated into your reception signs.

Indoors and Outdoors – We’ve Got You Covered 

From reception areas to exterior awnings, from informative directory signs to eye-catching banners, SplashOut’s custom business signs elevate your presence. Blend your branding seamlessly with your environment, inside and out.

With SplashOut, you have the power to shape your reception signage just the way you envision it. Our reception signs are a canvas for your brand’s personality. Imprint your company logo, add captivating imagery, or display compelling text – all elements meticulously crafted to resonate with your brand identity.

Benefits of Our Reception Signs

  • Durability: Built to withstand various conditions, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Custom Sizing: Reception signs available in various heights and widths to suit your space.
  • Design Versatility: Choose from a range of design options to match your brand’s aesthetics.
  • Visibility: Illuminate your reception area with our illuminated reception signs for a strong impact.


Your Premier Signage Solution Provider

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Enhance Your Brand with Custom Business Signs

Take your brand to the next level with SplashOut’s custom business signs. Our locally designed and produced signs are perfect for a variety of applications. Whether it’s a logo behind the reception or a wall graphic showcasing your company’s history, SplashOut delivers signs and decals that captivate attention and boost sales.

Common Uses for Custom Business Signs

Our custom business signs are ideal for various applications, including:

  • 3D Signs
  • ADA Signs
  • Channel Letters
  • Commemorative Plaques
  • Floor Graphics
  • Reception Area Signs
  • Wall Graphics
  • Wayfinding Signs

Professional Signage for Your Office Space

Ever walked into an office and felt instantly at ease because everything was marked and looked professional? That’s what our office signage can do for you. They’re not just signs; they’re a statement about your brand.

We specialise in creating office signs, with a special focus on reception signs. Our office signs are designed to help your workspace look professional and organised while leaving a strong impression, and our speciality is to create.

Our office signage services cover a variety of options, especially reception signs. We know how important it is to have a nice reception sign because it’s the first thing people see when they come to your office. Our team is good at designing signs that match your business’s style.

We use high-quality materials to make sure your signs look good and tell the right story about your business, whether you need signs to display your company’s name, logo, or important information, we can create custom signs just for you. 

Improve your office with our signs, you’ll not only make your office look better, but you’ll also impress anyone who walks in the door. Get in touch with us today.

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Office Reception Signage: Imagine walking into a reception and being greeted not just by the friendly face at the desk but also by a beautifully crafted reception sign. It tells your visitors that you care about details.

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FAQs About Reception Sign

  • What Role Does Reception Signage Play In Communication?
    Reception signage serves as the first point of contact, conveying your brand identity and offering helpful information.
  • What Are The Different Types Of Reception Signage You Offer?
    We offer a wide range of reception signage options, including acrylic, metal, and illuminated signs.
  • Does The Placement Of Reception Signage Matter?
    Absolutely. Strategic placement ensures maximum visibility and effective communication.
  • Do Compliance Regulations Apply To Reception Signage And Signs?
    Yes, compliance is important. Our signs adhere to industry regulations to ensure safety and legality.
  • How Much Time Do You Need For Custom Reception Signage?
    Our team works efficiently to deliver your customized reception signs within the agreed-upon timeframe.
  • What is a reception sign?
    A reception sign is a visual element placed in the reception area of a business or event venue. It serves as an essential component of the overall décor and branding, welcoming guests and conveying a professional and welcoming image. Reception signs can be customized to match the style and theme of your establishment.
  • Why is reception signage important?
    Reception signage is crucial because it is often the first thing visitors see when they enter your premises. It sets the tone for their experience and creates a lasting impression. Well-designed reception signs not only enhance your brand image but also provide essential information, such as your company name and logo.
  • How much do reception signs cost?
    The cost of reception signs can vary based on factors like size, material, and design complexity. At SplashOut, we offer competitive pricing while ensuring top-notch quality. To get an accurate quote, please visit our Signage Services page or contact us via our Contact Us page.
  • What kinds of designs work well for reception signs?
    Design preferences can vary, but popular choices include sleek, modern designs for corporate settings and creative, themed designs for events like weddings. Our team of experts at SplashOut can work with you to create a design that aligns with your vision and branding.
  • How long will it take?
    The timeline for creating reception signs depends on the complexity of the design and the materials used. We aim to provide efficient service without compromising quality. For specific timelines, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page, and our team will be happy to assist you.
  • What do lobby signs typically consist of?
    Lobby signs typically consist of various types of signage, including wall-mounted logos, dimensional lettering, or graphics that are prominently displayed in the lobby or entrance area of a building. These signs are designed to convey the company’s brand, logo, or other important information to visitors and clients.
  • What is the name of the sign commonly found in a lobby?
    The sign commonly found in a lobby is called a “lobby sign.” It serves as a visual element that welcomes and informs visitors, often displaying the company’s name, logo, or other relevant information. Lobby signs are a crucial part of a business’s branding and professional image.
  • How would you define a reception sign?
    A reception sign is a type of signage typically located in the reception area of a business or organization. It is used to display essential information such as the company’s name, logo, or other branding elements. Reception signs contribute to creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere for visitors.
  • What are the benefits of lobby signs for businesses?
    The benefits of using lobby signs for businesses are numerous. They enhance brand visibility and recognition, create a positive first impression on visitors, contribute to a professional and polished image, and help with wayfinding and information dissemination. Additionally, lobby signs can reinforce a company’s identity and values, making them a valuable asset for any organization

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We’re here to make your signage and reception needs a breeze while ensuring your online experience with us is just as seamless.

Contact us today at 087 353 8935 or [email protected] to discuss your reception sign needs. Let us help you leave a lasting impression!