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Allow us the opportunity to transform your vehicle into a moving billboard that will generate your business thousands of views a day by just simply being on the road. No matter the size or shape of the vehicle, we take care of all your car wrapping branding needs. 

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Did you know that SplashOut is the force behind the striking branding on the entire Hollywoodbets fleet of vehicles? Our expertise in car wrapping and fleet branding speaks for itself. We have honed our skills to deliver seamless, attention-grabbing designs that elevate your brand’s visibility on the road. Our meticulous approach ensures that every vehicle we touch becomes a moving masterpiece, garnering attention and leaving a lasting impression wherever it goes. Read more

Six Steps to Successful Vehicle Graphics


Take your vehicle to the next level. Picture the image you would like to SplashOut with whilst driving or just parked in public. This could relate to products, service or simply just pimping up your ride!


Consult – Contact us to discuss your vision and requirements.


Propose – Our Expert Team will work with you to turn your vision into a REALITY!


Innovate – Thanks to our teams’ immense knowledge of the industry and the latest technology, we offer quality and longer lasting materials to suit your needs. This ensures you get true value for money. 


Manage – We work closely with you to ensure your experience is as seamless as possible with timeous updates.


Install – Our centres have designated areas for vehicle branding no matter the size of your vehicle.

Eye-Catching Vehicle Wraps in South Africa!

Are you looking for the best company to transform your vehicle into a moving masterpiece? Look no further!

At SplashOut, we specialize in creating high-quality digital vehicle wraps that will turn heads wherever you go. With our expertise in car wrapping and signage, we guarantee to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Choose SplashOut for Top Vehicle Wraps in South Africa

Looking for a fresh look for your car, bakkie, or van? SplashOut is your go-to spot in South Africa for top-notch vehicle wraps. Our team is clued up on everything about vinyl wraps, making sure your ride looks slick and spot-on.

Our crew at SplashOut is sharp when it comes to wrapping your vehicle. We know all there is about putting vinyl on your car, making sure it’s smooth and looks just right. Whether you’re after a full wrap, just a bit, or something special just for you, we’ve got the skills to make it happen.

We get that your wheels show off your style or your business. That’s why our designers work with you to come up with designs that really speak for you. Whether it’s for your business or just your own creative style, we’ve got you sorted.

We use the latest tech to print graphics that stay looking good for ages, no matter the weather. We’re all about using the best stuff so your wrap stays looking bright and doesn’t get easily worn out.

SplashOut isn’t just about wrapping cars. We also do all sorts of signs. Need a sign for your shop or some banners? We can help your brand stand out, whether it’s on the move or staying put.

We’re all about clear prices and looking after our customers. We’re keen to work with you to turn your vehicle into something that really turns heads and sticks in people’s minds.

At SplashOut, we do more than just wrap your vehicle. We turn it into a piece of art.

If you’re ready to make your vehicle something special, start with us!

At SplashOut, car branding is our specialty. We transform ordinary cars into eye-catching mobile ads. Whether you run a small business or a big company, branding your car can boost your visibility. 

Our team uses creative designs to make sure your brand gets noticed. We can handle everything from a single car to a full fleet, all tailor-made to showcase your brand in the best way.

Big trucks mean big visibility! At SplashOut, we understand that truck branding needs a different touch. With the large space trucks offer, we can create bold and big designs that are easily seen even from a distance. 

This means your message gets across loud and clear. Let your trucks be a moving billboard, telling everyone about what you offer.

Change the look of your car with SplashOut’s wrapping service. Not only does it give your car a fresh appearance, but it also protects the car’s original paint. Famous in South Africa, car wrapping is both stylish and functional. 

We use top-quality materials to ensure durability. There is a variety of colors and designs, you can pick a wrap that matches your personality or brand.

Bakkies are loved for their strength and utility. At SplashOut, we add style to that mix. Bakkie branding is more than just placing a logo; it’s about integrating the brand into the vehicle’s look.

We ensure the design complements the bakkie’s rugged charm, making your brand stand out wherever you go.

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