Promotional Items

Increase your company’s efforts with distinctive, imaginative marketing materials. Our bespoke advertising materials, including flyers and postcards, will draw attention to you.

Promotional Items


Promotional banding in marketing is crucial for brand consistency. It ensures uniform messaging, imagery, and positioning across diverse channels. This cohesion builds a recognizable brand identity, enhances customer trust, and amplifies the impact of marketing efforts. Consistent promotion reinforces brand recall, driving customer loyalty and business success.


Promotional Items
Promotional Items
Promotional Items
Promotional Items

Promotional Items and Gifts at SplashOut Media

Looking for creative ways to boost your brand visibility and leave a lasting impression?

Look no further than SplashOut Media – your one-stop destination for a wide range of promotional items and gifts that will make your business stand out.

Whether you’re looking to enhance brand recognition, show appreciation to clients, or elevate your marketing efforts, our selection of top-quality products has got you covered.

Our Offerings:

At SplashOut, we’ve got the goods to make your brand pop. we offer a unique blend of custom notebooks, vibrant t-shirts, and personalized engraving services that speak volumes of your brand’s essence and give you that competitive edge in the South African market.

We understand the power of promotional items in building a strong brand identity. Our diverse range of products includes:

Boost brand visibility with a wide array of accessories and promotional products. From practical items to unique giveaways, we help you leave a lasting impression.

Stay organized and stylish with our customized diaries. Outfit your team in cohesive corporate clothing that exudes professionalism and unity.

Carry your brand wherever you go with our branded bags. From tote bags to travel essentials, these items are both functional and promotional.

Our tees are as South African as a braai on a Saturday. They’re comfy, they look great, and they’ve got your brand’s spirit stitched into every thread.

Hand them out or sell them – either way, people will remember you.

Want to give your customers something special? Our engraving service lets you put your mark on just about anything.

It’s classy, it’s sleek, and it says you mean business.

Present your offerings in elegant boxes that enhance the perceived value. Explore a plethora of gift ideas that leave a positive and lasting impact on recipients.

Why Choose SplashOut Media:

  • Wide Range: Our extensive selection ensures you’ll find the perfect promotional items to suit your brand and message.
  • Quality Printing: We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality printing that enhances your brand’s image.
  • Customization: Add a personal touch with our customizable options, ensuring your promotional items align with your brand’s aesthetics.
    Expertise: With years of experience, we know what works best for different industries and marketing needs.
  • Signage Services: Explore our signage services to elevate your physical presence.
  • Printing Services: Check out our printing services for all your printing needs.

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