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We’re really good at making lightboxes. We make them by hand in our workshop in London. We pay a lot of attention to how they look and how well they’re made. This means you get a top-quality product that matches your brand.

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Well-Made and Unique with SplashOut Lightboxes

At SplashOut, we know that light attracts attention. Our lightboxes make your brand stand out all the time. People’s eyes are naturally drawn to light, like birds to shiny objects. Our lightboxes are great for showing off your business.

Put them under awnings where lots of people go. Or use them inside the above counters and reception areas. Your business will look great and be easy to find.

You Choose How It Looks

You can decide how your lightbox looks. We have many options:

  • Frameless Acrylic Lightboxes: They’re simple and neat.
  • Raw Metal Lightboxes: They can be silver, copper, or other raw finishes.
  • Powder-Coated Lightboxes: These are colorful and tough.
  • Plywood Lightboxes: They’re made from special wood like birch or walnut.
  • Chrome, Brass, and Copper Lightboxes: These have special finishes.
  • Cinema Lightboxes: You can change the letters on them.
  • Custom Shaped Lightboxes: You can pick any shape you like.
  • Vinyl Wrapped Lightboxes: They can have your own design.
Signage Lightboxes

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We know you don’t want to wait. We make sure you get your lightbox quickly. Ready to make your brand shine? Get in touch:

With SplashOut’s Lightboxes, your brand will look amazing and get noticed. Let us help you make your business look its best and stand out from the rest.

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