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Our seasoned sign specialists are ready to bring your vision to life. Explore our portfolio of custom signs featuring individual lettering, and witness the ingenuity we can bring to your signage needs.

These letters are more than just characters; they’re a conduit for your brand’s identity, exuding sophistication and distinction.

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Welcome to SplashOut, your go-to destination for exceptional metal signage solutions. Whether you’re in need of Metal Signs, 3D Signs, Neon Signs, Flat Cut Letters, Fabricated Metal Signs, or any other type of custom signage, we’ve got you covered.

No matter if you’re an individual with a budget or a corporate powerhouse, our adaptable approach ensures we meet your unique requirements with precision and creativity. Share your artwork with us, and let’s collaborate on crafting the perfect design and finish.

Our expertise spans a range of materials, from Aluminium and Composite to Acrylic and Foam Board. If you’re seeking to make a luminous statement, we’re also proficient in crafting LED/illuminated letter signage.

Guidance from Concept to Creation

Share your artwork with us, and let’s collaborate on crafting the perfect design and finish.

Our expertise spans a range of materials, from Aluminium and Composite to Acrylic and Foam Board.

If you’re seeking to make a luminous statement, we’re also proficient in crafting LED/illuminated letter signage.

Aluminium Signs – Lightweight Elegance

Our Aluminium Signs blend lightweight versatility with robust durability. Perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, they’re digitally printed with fade-resistant, high-quality inks, ensuring sharp visuals that catch the eye.

Choose from various finishes to maintain vividness, even when displayed outdoors. Installation and design services are available to tailor your experience.

  • Arrives in 4-5 days
  • Custom sizes tailored to your needs
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Lightweight yet durable aluminium composite

Elevate with Metallic Panels

Our custom plaques, fashioned from stainless steel, brushed steel, chrome, and more, are a testament to your distinction. These plaques can bear laser-etched permanent text, shapes, or vinyl cuts for a semi-permanent touch, adding character and allure to your space.

Metal Signs – The Epitome of Elegance

Engraved, brushed, 3D – we embrace metal’s durability and versatility in crafting premium-grade signs. From impactful 3D metal letters for reception signs to informative brushed stainless steel for navigation, our metal signs resonate with gravitas and authority. Illuminate your creation using LED or ambient light sources for added allure.

Your Partner in Metal Signage

With over 25 years in the field, Action Signs is your professional metal sign maker. We thrive on realizing your vision. Start by using our Quick Quote service to share your needs.

We’ll swiftly provide a quote, and upon your approval, we’ll set to work, crafting excellence that stands the test of time.

Explore Our Galleries

Get inspired by perusing our galleries showcasing the breadth and artistry of our work. We’re committed to bringing your ideas to life with style and flair.

Engraved or Etched Metal Plaques

Elevate your space with engraved or etched metal plaques. These metallic masterpieces come in various finishes and can bear names, corporate messages, or logos.

Our precision extends to acid-etching, allowing us to transfer digital artwork onto metal with unparalleled accuracy.

3D Metal Letters – Depth and Impact

Our built-up 3D metal letters redefine impact. From external building signs to internal entrance markers, these letters shine. Select from a range of finishes, such as brushed stainless steel, brass-effect, gold-effect, and more. Illuminate them with LED lights for extra allure.

Flat Cut Metal Letters – Subtle Sophistication

Flat cut-out metal letters offer subtlety and sophistication. Ideal for internal walls, they are versatile and cost-effective. Choose from an array of metallic and painted finishes to harmonize with your ambiance.

Metal Signs for Offices – Seamless Integration

Office life thrives with our metal signs. Seamlessly integrated, they serve their purpose unobtrusively. Whether it’s directories, company boards, room numbers, or directional signs, we masterfully craft metal signs that align with your brand and needs.

Materials & Finishes – A World of Possibilities

Discover an array of materials and finishes to customize your sign. From polished and brushed stainless steel to brass, vinyl on metal, and beyond, your options are as diverse as your vision.

Your Premier Signage Solution Provider

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At Splash Out Media, we’re your partner in enhancing brand visibility—let’s create a lasting impression together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do engraved metal signs?
  • Yes, we utilize cutting-edge technology to engrave metal plaques in various metallic finishes, offering a wide range of textures and appearances.
  • What finishes do you offer?
    We offer finishes like brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, brass, and more, ensuring your signage aligns with your desired aesthetics.
  • Can you do the artwork?
    Absolutely! Our London sign design studio creates artwork tailored to all types of metal signs, ensuring your brand’s essence is beautifully represented.

Experience Excellence with SplashOut Metal Signs

Embrace the power of metal signage to enhance your brand’s presence. Our expertise, creativity, and commitment to quality ensure your vision comes to life with unmatched elegance.

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