Paper Sizes – An Overview

The most straightforward method to describe the aspect ratio of A sizes is to say that two of one size will equal one of the following size up. For instance, two A4 sheets side by side in portrait orientation will equal one A3 page, and two A3 sheets side by side in portrait orientation will equal one A2 size.

The number decreases as the size of the paper increases; A0 size is the largest and A10 size is the smallest. With the exception of Mexico, the Dominican Republic, the United States, and Canada, ISO 216 sets the global standard for paper sizes

Paper Sizes – An Overview

Paper Size Dimensions:

Size Metric Imperial
A0 1189 x 841 mm 46.8 x 33.1 in
A1 841 x 594 mm 33.1 x 23.4 in
A2 594 x 420 mm 23.4 x 16.5 in
A3 420 x 297 mm 16.5 x 11.7 in
A4 297 x 210 mm 11.7 x 8.3 in
A5 210 x 148 mm 8.3 x 5.8 in
A6 148 x 105 mm 5.8 x 4.1 in
A7 105 x 74 mm 4.1 x. 2.9 in
A8 74 x 52 mm 2.9 x 2.0 in
A9 52 x 37 mm 2.0 x 1.5 in
A10 37 x 26 mm 1.5 x 1.0 in

When ordering notice boards, the frame width must be added to all four sides if the specifications are given in “A” sizes, which refers to the visible area for the poster.

Please get in touch with us if you need a 27 x 40 movie poster size. We are experts at printing posters, with A3 and A4 being common sizes.

  • 508 x 762 mm or 20 x 30 in.
  • [762 x 1016mm] 30 x 40 in.
  • 1016 x 1524 mm [40 x 60 in]

It is also feasible to employ the B series sizes in addition to the A series sizes and other common measurements.

The following is how the B series paper sizes are described in ISO 216:

In addition to using a 1:root2 aspect ratio, the B series paper sizes were developed to accommodate paper sizes that the A series did not cover. Size B(n) is the geometric mean of size A(n) and size A, according to the definition of B sizes (n-1). The square root of the product of two numbers is the geometric mean of the two values. This approach offers the important attribute that the enlargement from A(n) to B(n) is the same as that from B(n) to A(n-1) for enlarging and decreasing documents.

The standard lengths and widths are rounded to the closest millimeter, just like the A series paper sizes.

Size Metric Imperial
B0 1000 x 1414 mm 39.4 x 55.7 in
B1 707 x 1000 mm 27.8 x 39.4 in
B2 500 x 707 mm 19.7 x 27.8 in
B3 353 x 500 mm 13.9 x 19.7 in
B4 250 x 353 mm 9.8 x 13.9 in
B5 176 x 250 mm 6.9 x 9.8 in
B6 125 x 176 mm 4.9 x 6.9 in
B7 88 x 125 mm 3.5 x 4.9 in
B8 62 x 88 mm 2.4 x 3.5 in
B9 44 x 62 mm 1.7 x 2.4 in
B10 31 x 44 mm 1.2 x 1.7 in